Roof Damage…we can help :0)

With all the storms rolling around the Texas region, your home is likely to be hit. Last night, San Angelo, TX took some hail damage. Cousin Alan…hope you and your family are ok!

If you live in San Angelo or surrounding areas and find yourself in need of roof repairs or replacement, we would be happy to set up appointments to get your roof back to worry free status! We live in Austin, TX and handle roofing needs throughout the Texas region.

If you would like to set up an appointment, you can contact my hubby, Dan Letourneau at

Dan works with Sanders Roofing & Exteriors, LLC in Leander, TX. Sanders is Owen’s Corning Platinum Certified, is BBB accredited and provides professional, quality residential & commercial roofing. Why not let us help you with your roofing needs today. We work with your insurance carriers and have financing options available for non-claim repairs.

From Austin, Dan & Lita send prayers for everyone to be safe during the stormy season and beyond. We would love an opportunity to help with your roofing needs.


Dan & Lita



Prom Season is here!

Happy May Seniors! As you get ready for Graduation, PLEASE remember to drive safely: No texting or phone use and NO Drinking and Driving! It has been almost 4 years since my “baby” brother was killed by a DRUNK driver driving the wrong way on one of our major roadways in Austin, TX. I am forever changed and have a hole in my heart! I will NEVER be able to talk to him again because a lovely young lady thought she could drink and get behind the wheel of a car. Driving is the most dangerous thing we do on a daily basis. Mother’s Day is this Sunday…make sure you are here for her!

Congratulations on Graduating! Make sure you get to walk that stage and make YOUR Mom Proud! My baby girl will be among those achieving this great milestone! Be safe and enjoy your Prom…make safe choices or you can change lives forever ❤

Loss of my Baby Brother!


On Wednesday, October 23, 2013…my world changed forever because of the actions of an Austin driver.  My brother, Robert Francis Murphy, Jr. was killed in a wrong-way head on collision.  Robert was a wonderful father to three amazing children, my only brother, and the Love of a lifetime to an amazing woman who had brought love and happiness back into his life.  They re-connected after being High School loves.  Our family is devastated at this senseless loss!

My brother had a wonderful smile and a twinkle in his eyes.  He never knew a stranger and had many friends from school and would have celebrated his 30th reunion this month.  Rob was the recipient of great love and respect from his co-workers both at Dell and FreightWatch.  Rob was mere months away from reaching personal goals he set for himself and his family.  The decisions Emily made that night, whether spiteful or not, cost a family a joyous lifetime with a wonderful man!  Rob was cleared of any and all wrongdoing in the crash immediately!

The news media has consistently reported things inaccurately and this only adds to the sorrow our family is experiencing.  When you are reading articles about your brother that are stating this and that happened to him when you know most of these things did NOT happen as reported, this only magnifies your pain and is like pouring gas on already hot coals.  Our local stations were at his home within hours of his death when family members had not even been notified yet!  I did have great admiration for our local ABC station.  After our experience with them chasing a story at the cost of releasing my brother’s name “on-air” without approval from the family, APD or victim services, I know have disdain for this station!

I would like to feel pain and sorrow for Emily and her family; but, the sorrow from losing my brother and seeing his three children and his Girlfriend in so much pain is almost too much for me to bear right now.  Once we know why Emily was driving the wrong way with her lights off and at a high-speed, maybe someday I can forgive her…NOT NOW!  His loss is so immeasurable to me and those who loved him so much.

As brother and sister, we didn’t always see things the same and had times in our lives where we disagreed and sometimes it was months that we didn’t see each other or talk; but, we always loved each other no matter what the issues were between us and we e-mailed and chatted on FB quite a bit…I will now have to cherish those communications because of the actions of a 26-year-old that resulted in the loss of my brother.

If you are commenting on the news reports about this accident, please remember lives were destroyed and please be respectful in those comments.  For those of you who have posted in honor of my “innocent” brother, the family thanks you for your kind words and loving prayers.

The family doesn’t wish to make any other statements to media outlets at this time and ask for privacy as we deal with the unthinkable.

Bye Bye Barnes & Noble!

Well, my hubby wanted two books this weekend.  A quick trip to to see if the books were at our local store and off we went.  The books were not only available, they were on sale 50% off (WOW).  He was searching for Salmon Khan’s “The One World Schoolhouse” –B&N online price was $15.74 instead of $26.99 (41% discount).  Ok, that sounds fantastic!  Next book was “Makers: The New Industrial Revolution” by Chris Anderson $26.00 for $13.98 (46% off) ONLINE! 

Would be really great if the “Store and online prices may vary.” was at the TOP of the online page and would be even BETTER if they honored their own ONLINE PRICE in their local stores!  We have had a B&N membership for so long I can’t remember when we got one.  This is the first year we didn’t renew it because of a BAD ONLINE shopping experience I had with them this summer :0(

Oh well, read the FINE print and don’t expect customer service…this is TWO bad experiences this year…once in a while, ok, I get that…but two in less than 6 months???  Nope, will take my business elsewhere.

Asked the Manager in store and was simply told, “that’s the ONLINE price only”…

Had an opportunity to step up and keep me as a customer…guess, they have enough customers already…will shop for books from now on (they have yet to disappoint me in over 10 years of  being a customer).  If Amazon doesn’t have it, guess I’ll give Half-Price Books a try.

Sure hope Dan enjoys the books!


Where Did customer service go????

Wow.  Sitting at Henna Chevrolet in Austin waiting for my son to pick up his 45th edition Camaro.  It’s 4:12 AND the car was dropped off at 9:45 for a 10:00 appt.   He was just told they didn’t even look at it until around 2:00 and the 10:00 appt was only to get his info and by the way, they can’t even Do the recall work on the car!  Ask to see the Dealership owner…not here…next in command, not here either… Next is the guy Not interested in servicing a customer After the sale!!!!  He has had nothing but this kind of service since he bought it last October!   The car has been back to Henna SEVERAL times because of non-quality work done by the Service Department.  This car is driven all over the Austin area and is a FANTASTIC advertisement for Chevy and the Camaro.  You would think Henna would be interested in John telling them he bought it from them and sending them business.  Apparently not, which is REALLY surprising as we were told at the time of purchase that ANYTHING less than a PERFECT rating on the follow-up survey was unacceptable!  Well, THEIR EFFORT TO SERVICE THIS CAR AND MY SON IS BEYOND UNACCEPTABLE!  So, after having the car since 10:00am, at 4:20 We are leaving without the recall work done,  they charged $80 for an oil change, and now the light is on and we are worried his airbags are NOT working because something is wrong with the Chip that wasn’t wrong when he dropped it off!!!!  This is the kind of service he has gotten all along.  Drop the car off for one thing and they Break another!!  Guess it’s time to visit Toyota and discuss a trade!!!!   It was so bad originally, we posted on Chevrolet’s Corporate Facebook page!  Will post more later…Lita

Yummy…Schwans® #590 and #772 reviews.

We cooked Hot and Spicy Breaded Chicken Breast Filets with Garlic Red Skinned Potatoes tonight.  Added Bybee Foods Organic petite whole green beans for a quick, nutritious meal your family will love.  The potatoes were as good as those ordered at a restaurant.  We love the chicken breast filets because we LOVE a certain Fast Food Spicy Chicken and these are just as delicious.  The beans are from Costco® and have become a staple in our home.  Time from freezer to table was under 40 minutes.

Yes, my husband works for Schwan’s® ;  but, that doesn’t mean we only eat or review Schwan’s® food.  We absolutely love the green beans mentioned above and they aren’t Schwan’s®.   We are working our way through the catalog and will try to add reviews as We eat!  Until our next fantastic meal, healthy eating and if you don’t shop with Schwan’s® maybe you should.


Unlimited REALLY isn’t!!!!

Wow, just checking in with my ISP provider, Suddenlink, after 6 solicitation calls from them (no message on our answering machine though.  The website indicates that they are in the process of setting “usage allowances” on their customer’s internet usage.  This MUST be the reason for the solicitation calls (I know we are on their DNC for solicitations and my account is current).  Very disappointed, as a customer for over 13 years now, I have seen our service degraded to the lowest level (10.0) when we were paying the same “full” price.  They do offer supposed  higher bandwidth levels; but, at a HIGHER cost of course.  And now, they are setting “limits” on HOW much I will be able to use my “unlimited” internet????  Because I have children and more machines than the “average” user, I will now have to either limit our family usage or pay additional costs for the “same” download speed (10 Mbps)or be FORCED to “Upgrade” my service for more $$$$. Or maybe they could add a “just because” fee to our bill along with all the other bills I receive (usually disguised as a “Customer” base charge).  Our service was a lot faster years ago and now I am questioning if there are any advantages to staying a customer of  Suddenlink.  One good thing we loved (hence the 13 years as a customer) was that they didn’t require a contract and we did get digital phone service for the same cost as internet alone by bundling.  The downside, can ONLY block 10 unwanted calls (with Packet 8 and Sprint) I have the ability to block unlimited numbers!  The phone has not been the value we though it would be as  99.9% of the calls are UNWANTED TELEMARKETING calls using Robo calls.  Oh well, I guess we are quickly becoming a nation where we get less and pay more and Customer Service is a thing of the past!   Maybe it’s time to call Sprint and get a 4G connection for our home internet (we love it for our 4 phones)…Maybe an ad….Wanted, a Reasonable ISP plan for a family of 5.  LOL or NOT!