Where Did customer service go????

Wow.  Sitting at Henna Chevrolet in Austin waiting for my son to pick up his 45th edition Camaro.  It’s 4:12 AND the car was dropped off at 9:45 for a 10:00 appt.   He was just told they didn’t even look at it until around 2:00 and the 10:00 appt was only to get his info and by the way, they can’t even Do the recall work on the car!  Ask to see the Dealership owner…not here…next in command, not here either… Next is the guy Not interested in servicing a customer After the sale!!!!  He has had nothing but this kind of service since he bought it last October!   The car has been back to Henna SEVERAL times because of non-quality work done by the Service Department.  This car is driven all over the Austin area and is a FANTASTIC advertisement for Chevy and the Camaro.  You would think Henna would be interested in John telling them he bought it from them and sending them business.  Apparently not, which is REALLY surprising as we were told at the time of purchase that ANYTHING less than a PERFECT rating on the follow-up survey was unacceptable!  Well, THEIR EFFORT TO SERVICE THIS CAR AND MY SON IS BEYOND UNACCEPTABLE!  So, after having the car since 10:00am, at 4:20 We are leaving without the recall work done,  they charged $80 for an oil change, and now the light is on and we are worried his airbags are NOT working because something is wrong with the Chip that wasn’t wrong when he dropped it off!!!!  This is the kind of service he has gotten all along.  Drop the car off for one thing and they Break another!!  Guess it’s time to visit Toyota and discuss a trade!!!!   It was so bad originally, we posted on Chevrolet’s Corporate Facebook page!  Will post more later…Lita


2 thoughts on “Where Did customer service go????

  1. I’m sorry to see you experienced this, Lita. When you posted on Chevrolet’s facebook, did a representative get in touch with you? If not, I’d be happy to investigate further for you; please feel free to contact me anytime!


    Katie, GM Customer Service

    • Thanks for checking in Katie. John actually called Chevrolet Corporate because we Both posted on FB and didn’t receive contact. Through Chevy Corp. they put him in contact with a representative from GM and he is working to resolve the issues. John will also be changing Chevy Dealerships as he NEVER will return to Henna for anything and will be removing the license plate placard with their name from the car as well. Not advertising for a Dealership that sells you a high end vehicle and then isn’t interested in keeping you as a customer with quality service! Thank you for your interest in helping us…this has been a very shaky 8 months where he really hasn’t had much time to enjoy the awesomeness of the car! We will post follow up here after the issue is resolved and We really appreciate GM’s response and quick action to ensure John is happy about his purchase :0)

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