About Me :0)

This is my personal space to blog about things that are important to me as a Mother of four wonderful children.  I have been a  Mom for over 35 years now.  While raising the kids, Dan and I both graduated from LSU-S with  a B.S. in Accounting (Geaux Tigers!), I’ve spent the last thirteen years as a substitute teacher for my local School District, I have been building desktop computers since 1996 and Love Linux!

Dan  and I tried to start an online computer consulting business in 2009 when he was laid off from his company of 12 years.  You can visit us online at http://www.MyPCMyWay.com for some FREE computer support!  Fast forward to 2017, our “baby” will graduate High School at the end of May! Whoot!!

Dan is now starting a roofing consulting career and you can find out more about that on the Roofing Needs page of this blog.

Our family would not be complete without our “animal” darlings.  We have dogs, a cat, a sugar glider and several scaly friends.  Thank you for visiting my Space and hopefully you will find something useful or entertaining while you are here.




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