Beginning our Business

Well, Dan and I will be starting our own computer consulting business very shortly.  The time is right for me to share my computer experience of 10 years with others.  If you have just purchased a computer or you are thinking about purchasing, let me share what you should look for.  I have been building and troubleshooting for over 10 years…who can afford to pay Geek Squad or MOM or Fry’s upwards of $75/hour…not me…you shouldn’t have to either!  I will begin by blogging on my windows live space and we are building our website as I type this. 

Ok, let’s start…why is it that when we recently purchased our laptops for our new "computer" business, the ONLY choice for our Operating System was Windows Vista…I couldn’t even purchase the laptop without an operating system.  Oh, did I mention, I am a Linux user as well as a windows user?  Yes, I dual-boot…in fact, most of the systems in my home network (6 at present) are dual-boot.  Dan has the Linux only system…yep, no windows at all on it!  He can do basically all that I can on the windows machines…surf, e-mail, office documents, listen to music and watch movies (there’s a little tweak for that).   I really don’t like my Vista (except for the Aero look–sure looks very similar to my Linux KDE desktop!)…the last windows OS I did like was Windows XP…but support for it ends somewhere around summer 2010.  I loved my Windows 2000 Pro, except there were virtually no customization features without purchasing third-party software (windowblinds, etc.)…Love Linux, customize to your heart’s content.  Ok, XP will allow more customization than other windows prior…but, I can do almost the same on my OpenSUSE and Kubuntu systems.  Linux has come a long way since I started using it over 7 years ago.  I could barely find my way around and NOW, the desktop looks and operates extremely close to my windows system.  With the cost of a Windows system and all the security problems, why not consider a FREE Operating System (as a replacement OR as a complement to)?  Did you know if you visit and search for "open source" there are over 15,000 hits. WOW…