Prom Season is here!

Happy May Seniors! As you get ready for Graduation, PLEASE remember to drive safely: No texting or phone use and NO Drinking and Driving! It has been almost 4 years since my “baby” brother was killed by a DRUNK driver driving the wrong way on one of our major roadways in Austin, TX. I am forever changed and have a hole in my heart! I will NEVER be able to talk to him again because a lovely young lady thought she could drink and get behind the wheel of a car. Driving is the most dangerous thing we do on a daily basis. Mother’s Day is this Sunday…make sure you are here for her!

Congratulations on Graduating! Make sure you get to walk that stage and make YOUR Mom Proud! My baby girl will be among those achieving this great milestone! Be safe and enjoy your Prom…make safe choices or you can change lives forever ❤


Bye Bye Barnes & Noble!

Well, my hubby wanted two books this weekend.  A quick trip to to see if the books were at our local store and off we went.  The books were not only available, they were on sale 50% off (WOW).  He was searching for Salmon Khan’s “The One World Schoolhouse” –B&N online price was $15.74 instead of $26.99 (41% discount).  Ok, that sounds fantastic!  Next book was “Makers: The New Industrial Revolution” by Chris Anderson $26.00 for $13.98 (46% off) ONLINE! 

Would be really great if the “Store and online prices may vary.” was at the TOP of the online page and would be even BETTER if they honored their own ONLINE PRICE in their local stores!  We have had a B&N membership for so long I can’t remember when we got one.  This is the first year we didn’t renew it because of a BAD ONLINE shopping experience I had with them this summer :0(

Oh well, read the FINE print and don’t expect customer service…this is TWO bad experiences this year…once in a while, ok, I get that…but two in less than 6 months???  Nope, will take my business elsewhere.

Asked the Manager in store and was simply told, “that’s the ONLINE price only”…

Had an opportunity to step up and keep me as a customer…guess, they have enough customers already…will shop for books from now on (they have yet to disappoint me in over 10 years of  being a customer).  If Amazon doesn’t have it, guess I’ll give Half-Price Books a try.

Sure hope Dan enjoys the books!


Unlimited REALLY isn’t!!!!

Wow, just checking in with my ISP provider, Suddenlink, after 6 solicitation calls from them (no message on our answering machine though.  The website indicates that they are in the process of setting “usage allowances” on their customer’s internet usage.  This MUST be the reason for the solicitation calls (I know we are on their DNC for solicitations and my account is current).  Very disappointed, as a customer for over 13 years now, I have seen our service degraded to the lowest level (10.0) when we were paying the same “full” price.  They do offer supposed  higher bandwidth levels; but, at a HIGHER cost of course.  And now, they are setting “limits” on HOW much I will be able to use my “unlimited” internet????  Because I have children and more machines than the “average” user, I will now have to either limit our family usage or pay additional costs for the “same” download speed (10 Mbps)or be FORCED to “Upgrade” my service for more $$$$. Or maybe they could add a “just because” fee to our bill along with all the other bills I receive (usually disguised as a “Customer” base charge).  Our service was a lot faster years ago and now I am questioning if there are any advantages to staying a customer of  Suddenlink.  One good thing we loved (hence the 13 years as a customer) was that they didn’t require a contract and we did get digital phone service for the same cost as internet alone by bundling.  The downside, can ONLY block 10 unwanted calls (with Packet 8 and Sprint) I have the ability to block unlimited numbers!  The phone has not been the value we though it would be as  99.9% of the calls are UNWANTED TELEMARKETING calls using Robo calls.  Oh well, I guess we are quickly becoming a nation where we get less and pay more and Customer Service is a thing of the past!   Maybe it’s time to call Sprint and get a 4G connection for our home internet (we love it for our 4 phones)…Maybe an ad….Wanted, a Reasonable ISP plan for a family of 5.  LOL or NOT!

White Otterbox :0)

I would REALLY love a WHITE Otterbox to go with my WHITE Evo 4G!  I am looking for a GREAT case/skin that will protect this magnificent investment…requirements:  WHITE and would like something “Made In America!”…thanks for listening…bye for now