MyPCMyWay™came into existence in 2009 when my husband was laid off from his job with a major computer manufacturer after 12 years.  We had been wanting to start a business for several years and didn’t have the time.  With his lay off, we attempted to get MyPCMyWay™ up and running.  We registered our Business name in the state where we live.  We purchased five domains to support the business,,,, and  We tried to secure Angel Financing to launch our business.  We we not successful because they don’t support “service based” business ventures.  We are still looking for investors who believe in customer care through implementing TQM standards and putting the customer FIRST.  Interested, please read on!

We offer a free site as well as a subscription site.  The subscription site is designed to allow us an income while building the business.  We have been using PC computers since they first came out in the late 70’s and early 80’s.  When we moved to Texas and I was working as the Marketing Sales Manager for Papa John’s Pizza® I started learning how to take a computer apart and fix it.  Most computer repair facilities were charging $80.00 an hour in the early 90’s to fix software or hardware issues.  This was an expense my manager didn’t want to have to incur regularly.  So, I began troubleshooting the system for hardware and software problems.  I began taking them apart and replacing parts and even began building a system from scratch.

I have been building desktops (not laptops) since 1997 and maintain a small network in our home for our kids in addition to the websites, my blogs and Substitute teaching full-time as allowed.  With our combined experience working in computer manufacturing and my building, Dan and I know how the system is built, how the software is installed and the politics that go along with this process.  This is why we build allof the desktops in our homes and give advice to friends on how to purchase one from a major manufacturer.  While buying a pre-built computer isn’t bad,  there are certain things you should look for to get the most value for your $$$$.  My 29 year-old son, John, has been building with me for many years now.  At least two of my four kids are serious gamers and  spend a lot of time on their computers.   John and I love to visit our local Fry’s Electronics and shop for parts and deals (P.S. this is OUR Toy store :0)  Having done this for so many years, we can look at a system and tell you if we believe it to be worth the cost and what you should look for to best serve your needs.  One of my neighbors purchased a brand new system, years ago, only to find out it’s components would need to be replaced within a year or so to stay current and serve her needs.  Sometimes, she purchases a system at a discount store only to learn it won’t be able to do what she bought it to do because of the low price she paid on outdated hardware or software.  Once the purchase has been made, I can do little to help when she has issues except show her that open source can still support some legacy products.   This is the gamble manufacturers of electronics play.  They want to keep you purchasing new computers/phones every 24 months so THEY have a steady revenue stream.  Sometimes this is valid because of changing technologies and sometimes it’s just to keep the coffers full.  The effect of all these discarded electronics is taking it’s toll on our environment as well as our pocketbooks.  I have a box full of “old” cell phones that I don’t know where to dispose of because I get ugly pictures of a landfill of electronics that aren’t bio-degradable. My husband and I used our last cell phones for 5 years before we purchased new smartphones.  Our desktops we build for ourselves typically last 4 years or more before we have to change failing parts or because we want to upgrade to newer parts to give us a better system.  The school district I work for is still using Windows XP® on it’s school computers.  There is value in legacy products if they still do what you want/need them to do.  I have been suggesting a switch to Linux systems for years as a way to save the district money.  No bites yet, so; I will keep trying to show them the value in switching to open source.

MyPCMyWay™ supports open source software and believe the consumer should be given better access by hardware manufacturers including drivers to support open source as well as closed source (ie proprietary).  There are a lot of factors influencing the relationship between software and hardware manufacturers.  These factors ultimately impact the consumer when purchasing computers.  The majority of hardware support is in writing drivers for proprietary software only.  Some hardware vendors are slowly starting to include drivers for Linux as well; but, not nearly enough see the value in doing so.  Despite this, open source is still gaining ground in community members and some companies are starting to see value in having multiple programmers making improvements for the end-user (US!)  To some, it’s no longer ONLY about the $$$$ associated with closed source. 

Our business, MyPCMyWay™, is our dream to become part of the open source community and support consumer changes in the computer hardware and software industries.  In an age of technology to include computers, smartphones, tablets, etc., we believe the consumer should have the right to CHOOSE what is installed on their devices.  After all, we ARE consumers too!  We use computers and hate the “trial” software that is placed on one when it’s built by large manufacturers such as HP and Dell.   We use cell phones and LOATHE the “bloatware” and vendor installed apps that take up space and often deliver ads to us when we clearly are not interested!  We believe you should be given a choice as to what is installed on your phones or at least given a way to delete them.  I really am NOT going to use Nascar or Football on my phone and it is taking up valuable real estate that I could use for apps that I WANT.  We don’t use Blockbuster anymore or Amazon MP3 and yet they are on our phones (even our kids!) and the only way to delete them is to ROOT the phone (which the cell companies don’t want you to do and will NOT support your phone if you do!!!!).  Not being able to control what is on my phone or computer is like “renting” it instead of owning it!  I am seriously thinking about giving root a try as my phone is past it’s one year warranty.  I am constantly getting “low dis space” and am forced to choose to delete apps I WANT because I can’t delete the ones i DON’T want unless I root the phone.  Shame on cell carriers and phone makers selling out by not giving the user a way to delete unwanted programs.

When you purchase a home or a car, you customize it to fit your needs and likes.  We strongly believe you should have the same ability when purchasing your technology gadgets as well.  You and I should be able to “choose” which Operating System we want installed on our manufacturer built computer and which supplementary software is added to it.  If I don’t order it, don’t put it there!  Often, when you delete these programs from your computer you are left with residual issues and then you need to take it to someone and pay $$$ to have it fixed.  We are all adjusting to the New Economy where many of us are simply trying to get by.  We need to get the best value and service out of our electronics and open source software is a GREAT way to do this.  If you would like to find out more about MyPCMyWay™ and what our goals are to support technology users, click on one of the links below.  The Dream is to make MyPCMyWay™ and open source companies like it as big as the major hardware, software and gaming companies.


MyPCMyWay™ supports freedom of customization on technology products!


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