Roofing Needs

When was the last time you had your roof checked by a professional? When you bought your home? Most people think about their roof when they have a leak or when a severe storm rolls through and they believe they have an insurance claim.

These two reasons are obvious times your roof needs your immediate attention. Leaks need to be repaired to mitigate water damage to other home structures. Inclement weather damages need to be addressed in a timely manner to allow for maximum recovery for a possible insurance claim.

As a homeowner, you should consider looking at your roofing options at times outside of those listed above. Careful consideration of all roofing options when you aren’t pressed to make a quick decision has benefits. The main benefit is that you can consider different material options.

The two major material options for most Central Texas homeowners are laminate petroleum-based shingles or metal roofs.  Due to storms in Central Texas, the lifespan of a laminate roof is roughly twelve years. Metal roofs can be expected to last thirty-five to forty years. Metal roofs are not the dominant roof in Central Texas despite their longevity.

One reason metal roofs are not the material of choice is that many Home Owner’s Associations don’t allow metal roofs. When checking the condition of your roof other than urgent times, you are allowed an opportunity to research the bylaws in your HOA. Many are now amending them to allow for metal roofs. This is great news for homeowners as metal roofs lasting thirty plus years means you likely will only need one roof replacement as opposed to laminate twelve year roofs.

Metal roofs have several benefits in addition to longevity. They reflect heat as many are class four impact resistant. This may qualify for an energy tax credit and also reductions in homeowner’s insurance premiums. While they have these benefits, metal roofs are slightly more expensive initially. You can expect to pay anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5 times for a metal roof than what you would pay for laminate petroleum based shingle roofs.

If you decide to stay with a laminate shingle, you should consider an Owen’s Corning Architectural or Specialty shingle roof. Platinum certified contractors can warrant these materials for fifty years and the workmanship for twenty-five. Given these warranties, a metal roof, while superior in material, will only have a workmanship warranty for five years.

To recap, you should try to consider your roofing options during times other than roofing emergencies. Your two best options are a metal roof or an Architectural shingle with a Platinum Warranty.

If you live in the Central Texas region, why not let my hubby, Dan Letourneau, stop by and check out your roof before a storm hits. We would love an opportunity to earn your business with quality products from Sanders Roofing. You can email Dan at