Prom Season is here!

Happy May Seniors! As you get ready for Graduation, PLEASE remember to drive safely: No texting or phone use and NO Drinking and Driving! It has been almost 4 years since my “baby” brother was killed by a DRUNK driver driving the wrong way on one of our major roadways in Austin, TX. I am forever changed and have a hole in my heart! I will NEVER be able to talk to him again because a lovely young lady thought she could drink and get behind the wheel of a car. Driving is the most dangerous thing we do on a daily basis. Mother’s Day is this Sunday…make sure you are here for her!

Congratulations on Graduating! Make sure you get to walk that stage and make YOUR Mom Proud! My baby girl will be among those achieving this great milestone! Be safe and enjoy your Prom…make safe choices or you can change lives forever ❤