Yummy…Schwans® #590 and #772 reviews.

We cooked Hot and Spicy Breaded Chicken Breast Filets with Garlic Red Skinned Potatoes tonight.  Added Bybee Foods Organic petite whole green beans for a quick, nutritious meal your family will love.  The potatoes were as good as those ordered at a restaurant.  We love the chicken breast filets because we LOVE a certain Fast Food Spicy Chicken and these are just as delicious.  The beans are from Costco® and have become a staple in our home.  Time from freezer to table was under 40 minutes.

Yes, my husband works for Schwan’s® ;  but, that doesn’t mean we only eat or review Schwan’s® food.  We absolutely love the green beans mentioned above and they aren’t Schwan’s®.   We are working our way through the catalog and will try to add reviews as We eat!  Until our next fantastic meal, healthy eating and if you don’t shop with Schwan’s® maybe you should.