Loss of my Baby Brother!


On Wednesday, October 23, 2013…my world changed forever because of the actions of an Austin driver.  My brother, Robert Francis Murphy, Jr. was killed in a wrong-way head on collision.  Robert was a wonderful father to three amazing children, my only brother, and the Love of a lifetime to an amazing woman who had brought love and happiness back into his life.  They re-connected after being High School loves.  Our family is devastated at this senseless loss!

My brother had a wonderful smile and a twinkle in his eyes.  He never knew a stranger and had many friends from school and would have celebrated his 30th reunion this month.  Rob was the recipient of great love and respect from his co-workers both at Dell and FreightWatch.  Rob was mere months away from reaching personal goals he set for himself and his family.  The decisions Emily made that night, whether spiteful or not, cost a family a joyous lifetime with a wonderful man!  Rob was cleared of any and all wrongdoing in the crash immediately!

The news media has consistently reported things inaccurately and this only adds to the sorrow our family is experiencing.  When you are reading articles about your brother that are stating this and that happened to him when you know most of these things did NOT happen as reported, this only magnifies your pain and is like pouring gas on already hot coals.  Our local stations were at his home within hours of his death when family members had not even been notified yet!  I did have great admiration for our local ABC station.  After our experience with them chasing a story at the cost of releasing my brother’s name “on-air” without approval from the family, APD or victim services, I know have disdain for this station!

I would like to feel pain and sorrow for Emily and her family; but, the sorrow from losing my brother and seeing his three children and his Girlfriend in so much pain is almost too much for me to bear right now.  Once we know why Emily was driving the wrong way with her lights off and at a high-speed, maybe someday I can forgive her…NOT NOW!  His loss is so immeasurable to me and those who loved him so much.

As brother and sister, we didn’t always see things the same and had times in our lives where we disagreed and sometimes it was months that we didn’t see each other or talk; but, we always loved each other no matter what the issues were between us and we e-mailed and chatted on FB quite a bit…I will now have to cherish those communications because of the actions of a 26-year-old that resulted in the loss of my brother.

If you are commenting on the news reports about this accident, please remember lives were destroyed and please be respectful in those comments.  For those of you who have posted in honor of my “innocent” brother, the family thanks you for your kind words and loving prayers.

The family doesn’t wish to make any other statements to media outlets at this time and ask for privacy as we deal with the unthinkable.